In my role as User Experience Designer at Twist Image, I executed and advised on a number of  projects for TD Canada Trust. In this case, I helped with research and analysis of TD’s Credit Card products during their site redesign.

Case Study: The Redesigned TD Credit Card Landing Page

The Opportunity

The TD team wanted to make the online Credit Card experience more “user-centric”. Goals included improving the product discovery and comparison experience so that the vast amount of card features, benefits, rewards and restrictions were presented in a way that was not overwhelming and empowered the visitor to take action.

How did I help the team?

My role on this project was to advise TD’s in-house Customer Experience team during the redesign process by capturing various User Journeys. I also offered interaction design and information architecture recommendations to the creative team at Twist Image throughout their visual re-design process.

The Process: 

I analyzed client-supplied wireframes and market segmentation research to identify opportunities. I created a document which illustrated sixteen User Journey scenarios, which I presented to the key stakeholders on the TD team*. This document also helped the team understand how the choice of device (eg desktop vs tablet vs mobile) and context would impact the browsing experience.

My analysis helped to reveal pain points resulting from various content and service gaps. This allowed us to define requirements and improve features such as the credit card Compare and Recommend tools.

Other findings:

My analysis revealed several scenarios, such as device and “segment switchers” and the unique needs of New Canadians, a large customer segment. It also helped TD identify which content from other areas of their website could be leveraged to ensure that visitors could remain focused on their credit card discovery and application goals.

It can be frustrating to make UX recommendations that are “out of scope”. Ultimately though, when it comes to improving UX, no win is too small!

Check out the work we did on the Credit Card section of the TD website.

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* Due to an iron-clad NDA, I am not permitted to display work product online. I am happy to show the User Journey deliverables I created for this (and other TD projects I contributed to) in person.