Dropping the DUBfunksoulBASS
at Archi-Textures

Photo by ADPhotografe

Landscapes, May 2013

Photo by AD Photographe

The wall of bass at Sound In Motion, July 2013

Photo by Thomas Williams

Purrpelle getting around with CirQlar

Photos by ADPhotografe


About Toronto DJ Purrpelle

A DJ set from Toronto-based Purrpelle often reveals her playful nature and love of dub, funk, soul & bass. She strives to raise the vibration of every dance floor by offering sounds that are deep, groovy and organic. Although Purrpelle’s style is versatile, dub will always be her first love.

Purrpelle has been a regular guest of many infamous Toronto event promoters including CirQlar, SUMA and AlienInFlux/Promise. Over the years, she has shared the stage with artists such as Akufen, Adham Shaikh, Desert Dwellers, Dubmatix, Jonah K, Marcus Visionary, Ill Gates, Kaliya Scintilla, Kode 9, Pinch, the Opiou Live Band and David Block/Human Experience.

Purrpelle is also a veteran of outdoor festivals, having appeared at many events throughout Canada including Sound In Motion, Solstice, Eclipse Festival, Evolve Festival, Om Festival and Harvest Festival. Since 2012, she has also been the resident DJ at In Flow Festival, Ontario’s first hula hooping and flow-arts retreat.

Purrpelle is also a resident of the weekly Archi-Textures event, which is considered one of the top dance parties in Toronto.

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Upcoming Gigs:

Nov 5, 2015

Archi-Textures weekly with Antwon Faulkner, Mike Lambert & Purrpelle. I’ll be dropping a closing set after the mighty Antwon Faulkner. More info on Facebook. At Round Venue, $5 cover.

Jan 1, 2016

Archi-Textures legendary New Years Day Marathon is baaack! More info on Facebook. At Round Venue from 11AM-3AM (no, that’s not a typo). I’m on at 7pm. $5 cover before 6pm.

Feb 19, 2016

InFlow Festival presents the Friday Night Flowdown – a flow arts show and dance party “in celebration of winter, hooping, and Toronto’s glorious flow arts community”.  Doors at 7pm at The Collective Space- 221 Sterling Rd. I’m on from 10-12pm. Free for Winter Conference pass holders.  More info available on Facebook.

Feb 26, 2016

One Love Movement presents Deep Mode Sessions – a night “focused on the viscerally rooted sounds of deep techno.” I’ll be going deeeeeeep from 10pm-12am. Also featuring Aquatic Mind & Kristian Sunflower at the lovely Cabal – 782 King St W. $5 before 12pm. More info on Facebook.

March 19, 2016

SUMA presents UPRISE! A Spring Equinox throw down on the 40Hz Soundsystem with  Snowday and the SUMA DJs Mike Lambert, Jonah K, Zum One, Kristian Sunflower.  I’ll be playing a dub n’ bass set (dubwise bass music plus some DnB). Geary Lane $20 Adv. More info on Facebook event wall. Get advanced tickets here.

May 1, 2016

Come share some birthday love with me n Jamie Kidd at the Box of Kittens / AlienInFlux infamous SUNDAY SOCIAL. I’ll be dropping bouncy reggae & DnB vibes in this special space @Loft 404. More details TBA.

Got a few more fun things in the works for 2016…
Check Purrpelle’s Facebook page for the most current updates.

May 5th, 2016

Back at Archi-Textures for another deep n dirty tech sesh. I’ll be on at midnight 🙂
Also featuring Mike Lambert and Medicineman. At Round Venue. $5 before 12.

May 28th, 2016

I’m REALLY excited to drop some deeeeeeeep & grooooovy tech-house at the CAFKA artist/volunteer appreciation party in Kitchener. CAFKA is Kitchener’s community-driven contemporary art organization. The event features two rooms of awesome, including a crisp Meyer sound system, silly hats (!) and other performers such as the Bjorn Collective who’s mission statement includes phrases like “fuzzy bouncy balls vs. metallic cubes of destruction”. Ha!

8pm-3am at the Centre in the Square / Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery. I’m on at midnight. Tix are $20 advance via Brown Paper Tix.

Residencies & Notable Gigs

Shout outs to all the crews I’ve played with over the years.

Archi-Textures (2008-2011, resident 2012-2014)
Blue Moon Blend (c0-founder & resident, 2002-2007)
Chicks Dig It (resident, 2004-2005)

Events & Festivals (selected):
In Flow Festival (resident DJ & stage manager 2010-2015)
Solstice Gathering (presented by OM Reunion Project, 2006-2015)
Valhalla Sound Circus (2015)
Archi-Textures presents LandScapes Festival (2013-2015)
Festival of Dangerous Ideas : FOOD FOR THOUGHT (Co-Producer & DJ, 2014, 2015)
Alien In Flux Boreal Camping & Canoe Trip (2004-2012, 2015)
Box of Kitten’s Sunday Social (Nov 2015)
Calabra 1yr Anniversary (opening for the Opiou Live Band, March 2015)
Spectrum Bass Music Monthly (Sept 2015)
Reverie Downtempo Drawing Night (Jan 2014)
Sound In Motion Electronic Music & Art Festival (2013)
Go Hard Hoop Intensive (2013)

CirQlar Drop Festival (2012)
CirQlar Drop Festival (2012)
CirQlar (with Desert Dwellers (2013)
CirQlation (with Ill-Esha, 2013)
CirQlation (with Kaliya Scintilla, 2012)Promise Cherry Beach (2005-2012)
Alien In Flux/Box of Kittens SUNDAY SOCIAL (Nov 2014)
Alien In Flux/Promise New Year’s Party (2005, 2006, 2012)
Eclipse Festival, Quebec (2007, 2008, 2010)
SUMA (Dec 2008, 2009)
Harvest Festival (2006)
Om Festival (2003, 2004)
Evolve Festival, Nova Scotia (SUMA formerly SUMKIDZ stage, 2005)
Magnetawan Festival (2009)
Bigfoot Festival (2005)

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Big love to the all the producers, musicians and sound crews. Without you, the world would be too quiet.

Special thanks to Andrijia Dimitrivec of AD Photografe for taking such beautiful pictures!

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Dropping the dubfunksoulbass at Promise NYE (above, left) and Eclipse Festival (above, right)

DJ Mixes:

For more DJ Mixes
visit Purrpelle’s Soundcloud page. More sounds on Mixcloud too. 

Blue Moon Bass @ In Flow Festival, Aug 2015  (downtempo/bass music for hula hoopers, dreamers and do-ers)


Deep n Dirty @ Solstice Gathering (tech house from the foresty disco)


Spectrum V2.0 @ Velvet Underground (dub n’ bass)


Reverie @ Round Venue (dreamy, organic, dubby/downtempo)


Closing Set @Festival of Dangerous Ideas: Food For Thought Party (rumpin’ tech house):


Archi-Textures Resident’s Night (deep tech house):


Lettuce Turnip the Beet @Wholearth (groovy tech house):


Love n Bass (jazzy & liquid DnB):

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